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Dias à Mesa


The richness and diversity of the typical gastronomy of the Minho region is reflected in the gastronomy of the municipality. Throughout the year, there are several activities scheduled to highlight good regional cuisine, in a perfect combination with local and seasonal products. The knowledge and flavors of Vila Nova de Famalicão are highlighted, in partnership with local restaurants and industry, attracting lovers of good regional cuisine, in its multiple formats.

The emphasis on consuming local and seasonal products is a highlight for these initiatives, based on sustainable cuisine, specially designed for enthusiasts of unique gastronomic experiences.

TABLE DAYS is held throughout the year, on specific dates. It invites you to taste good regional cuisine, in harmony with the best wines, and combines it with a very attractive and mobilizing agenda of activities.

The vibrant contemporary dining scene is here!

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Program 2021

Dias à Mesa 2021
The best cuisine, all year long

Dias à Mesa - Rojões
06 to 09 de May
Festa de Maio: Flores & Trocas
Dias à Mesa - International
20 to 23 May

Dias à Mesa - Galinha Mourisca
10 to 13 June

Dias à Mesa - Francesinha
01 to 04 de July

Dias à Mesa - Bacalhau
08 to 11 de July

Dias à Mesa - Vegetarian
23 to 26 de September