Urban Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of the building Serafim and Esperança Oliveira in the centre of Famalicão received an Honourable Mention

The rehabilitation of the building Serafim and Esperança Oliveira, located in rua Lourenço da Silva, in the Union of Parishes of Antas and Abade de Vermoim, was distinguished with a Honourable Mention in the scope of the second edition of Januário Godinho Award, promoted be the City Council of Famalicão, which was delivered this Monday, in the City Council. The architectural project was the responsibility of Atelier 15 Architecture, Lda., the co-authors being Sérgio Fernandez and Alexandre Alves Costa. The work was executed by Construções Silvério & Filhos, Lda. and promoted by Vítor Serafim Pereira Oliveira.

The Mayor, Paulo Cunha, who considered the intervention on the built heritage, whether classified or current with value, fundamental to safeguarding of collective memory, presented the award.

The Januário Godinho Award aims at safeguarding and valuing heritage, and promoting the dissemination of the work developed by designers, builders and promoters based on good practices of building rehabilitation.

The awarding of the Honourable Mention rewards, above all, the restoration work carried out on the façade of this building. The façade is composed of a set of elements that were properly treated and, in the case of the ceramic elements, were monitored by a conservation and restoration technician. For these reasons, it was considered that this effort should be recognised and, therefore, an Honourable Mention was awarded.

Applications for the 3rd edition of the Januário Godinho Award are currently underway, with the deadline for submission expiring this June.
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