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Glaciar launches the VI volume of the Works of Camilo Castelo Branco

The new edition of the Works of Camilo Castelo Branco from Glaciar is already in the bookshops. It is the volume VI of the Camillian collection that this time brings together the novels "A Filha do Arcediago" (1854) and the sequel "A Neta do Arcediago" (1856). With a preface by Ana Margarida de Carvalho, the publication has a text by Sérgio Guimarães de Sousa and João Paulo Braga.

It should be mentioned the first volume was released in March 2016 with the novels "Anátema" and "Vingança". The second volume brings together "Coração Cabeça e Estômago" and "Aventuras de Basílio Fernandes Enxertado". Continuing the publication by Glaciar of his works, the third volume contains "Carlota Ângela" and "O Retrato de Ricardina". The IV volume joins the works "O Carrasco de Vítor Hugo José Alves" and "O Senhor do Paço de Ninães" and the V volume is dedicated to the "Novelas do Minho".

In this last edition, one can read in the preface "Camilo Castelo Branco said that, after his death, it would be natural that the stylists would be concerned with his life and his resources as an artist. He was not mistaken. We continue to read him with eyes of wonder, to follow his hallucinating cadence, his creative impetus, his improbable fantasy, his genial irony combined with drama, the inventiveness of his novels, his modernism ahead of its time, the lexical wealth, the vernacular of the time, still very close to its root, his intemperate characters".

It should be remembered that by 2025, the year that will mark the bicentenary of Camilo's birth, Glaciar intends to publish all his works. In volumes that we want to be irreproachable at all levels - text, graphics or editorial finishing - with a preface by a personality of recognised merit.

Besides the bookshops, it is also possible to acquire the Works of Camilo Castelo Branco, at Casa de Camilo, in S. Miguel de Seide or through the Municipal Library.
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